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Hello! I’m so glad your interest in personal training has led you to my page! If you couldn’t tell already, I do things a little differently from what you may have seen at large chain gyms or trendy fitness centers. The most notable difference is that I encourage all of my clients to focus on goals centered around how they want to FEEL, and what they want to be able to DO. Neither inches around the waist or numbers on a scale bear any measure of what the body is actually capable of, fitness-wise. Nor do those numbers reflect a full picture of one’s health.


If you are interested in weight loss, know that I absolutely do honor and respect that desire. But rather than weigh-ins I’m going to encourage building habits that support life-long movement and a healthy relationship with exercise. In place of tracking calories, I’m going to encourage a balance of foods that satisfy the body nutritionally as well as emotionally. Instead of focusing on ways to shrink the body, I’m going to emphasize growth:


Finding a sustainable routine you’re excited to participate in.

Adding tools to support recovery and stress management.

Improving physical and mental resilience and with that, confidence in what the body is capable of.

For those looking for the quick fix, “lose ten pounds in six weeks,” approach, I may not be for you. For those ready for a more holistic approach to training, or even thinking you might be convinced to change your mindset about the purpose of exercise, then I look forward to our first conversation!

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