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New Client Intake

Intended only for clients who have scheduled a complimentary consultation.

Please answer as completely and honestly as you are comfortable. You will discuss factors that impact training during your complimentary consultation. If there is anything sensitive that you would prefer not to detail in this form, please indicate as needed that you would like to discuss those answers in person. Please note that your answers are completely confidential, secure and protected. Forms are delivered directly to Jen's private inbox and are reviewed by her only. 



Training Experience and Goals

Health Habits and Lifestyle

At the onset, I want to emphasize that my training focuses on seeing what the body can DO, not just how the body looks. I do not weigh or measure the body, and do not consider those changing numbers as a sole indicator of success. I do not write nutrition plans, but can give holistic dietary guidance in some instances within a limited scope of expertise.  In my experience, there are so many factors other than inches lost or calories burned, or eating specific foods that contribute to overall health. With that out of the way, please let me know the following:

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