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Health & Safety


Mon - Thurs 7am-1pm, 4-7pm

Fri 8am-3pm

Sat 9am-1pm

  • Availability may vary week by week and is subject to change during holidays and school breaks.

  • Generally, Jen sees clients (on an appointment-only basis) during the hours listed

  • Clients are not guaranteed the same standing appointment for any one time block every single week, especially during the popular workout times of 7-9am and 5-7pm. (Some exceptions will be made to allow for earlier AM or later PM appointments based on clients’ consistency in training and scheduling.)

  • Same-day cancellations will result in the loss of that session, except in the case of illness, injury, or personal emergency.

754 Peachtree St NE 
Atlanta, GA 30308 


  • Jen Raby Fitness LLC is located at Georgia Sports in Midtown, at 754 Peachtree, on the corner of 4th and Peachtree.
  • The office/gym is on the second floor, with GA Sports Physical Therapy.
  • Clients receive detailed parking options and entry instructions  after confirming date and time of first session.


& Safety

  • Georgia Sports is mask-optional. Clients are encouraged to do what makes them feel most at ease regarding masks, including asking Jennifer to wear a mask.

  • Equipment is wiped down and sanitized after each training session.

  • Hand sanitizer is available for all clients

  • There is a strict “no symptom” policy, regardless of vaccination or infection status (meaning, it doesn’t have to be Covid, if anyone has the sniffles, they can not come in!)

  • Clients with mild symptoms who feel well enough to exercise may opt for virtual training, but are always encouraged rest above all else if feeling under the weather.


  •  Clients are expected to acknowledge that they are engaging in personal training at their own risk.

  • The owners of Georgia Sports and Jen Raby Fitness LLC are not liable for illness or injury sustained on premise.

  • New clients are encouraged to consult with their physician or care team before beginning a new training regimen.

  • Safety is at the forefront of training with Jen Raby Fitness , and clients will be asked to disclose any injury or ailment that may require special care or attention during training.

  • Clients will never be pushed to go beyond what is comfortably challenging or what is considered to be safe for their body on that day. 

  • Same-day cancellations will result in the loss of that session, except in the case of illness, injury, or personal emergency.

Please use the links above to request consultation. After consulting with Jen, you will schedule your first session. Payment is due at the time of the first session of a training package. Mobile payment options include Venmo and Paypal, and online payment is available via Square. Clients may use whichever platform is most convenient for them, however Square is recommended when a receipt of purchase is required. If paying through your HSA, additional details can be provided along with proof of purchase upon request.

  • 3 Session Pack

    The perfect introduction to a personalized health & fitness journey!
    • 50 minute session
    • covers all muscle groups
    • receive comprehensive whole-body workout to build off of
  • 10 Session Pack

    1x per week individualized training
    • 50 minute 1:1 sessions
    • address specific concerns
    • improve strength
    • establish routines
  • Monthly Pass

    Every month
    For qualified clients with consistent habits
    • 10 visits to use monthly
    • specific sports
    • I’m a benefit
    • I’m a benefit
    • I’m a benefit
Holistic | Purposeful | Motivational | Safe | Transformative
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