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Get to know your trainer, Jennifer Raby

Jen's transformative journey into the world of personal fitness began in 2008, when she entered a year-long personal trainer program as part of her college curriculum. What had started as a desire to learn the “ins and outs” of fitness for herself to undo the damage of years of weight cycling and unhealthy vices, developed into a passion for teaching others. But first, Jen had to recognize and overcome her own misconceptions about what it meant to truly be fit and healthy.

Since the very beginning of her own athletic endeavors, Jen struggled to find a relationship with movement that was truly enjoyable, as she had been surrounded by images and messages that smaller was always better. In martial arts, she was subjected to weigh-ins for competition as young as the age of seven. In track and field, she faced open ridicule from a coach  for the shape of her body. This perpetuated the idea that shrinking one’s body was the ultimate goal of any fitness regimen.

When Jen welcomed her daughter into the world in 2009, she knew she didn’t want to raise a child to believe that fit or strong had to look a specific way. Wanting to set the best example for both her clients and her child, Jen shifted her focus away from cookie-cutter workouts and counting calories to a more holistic approach that emphasized growth and achievement over shrinking and restriction. After putting in a couple of years at a traditional large chain gym, Jen took on her first independent client in 2013 and never looked back!

Now, with a decade of training experience, on top of her own growth as a parent, wife, and a runner, Jen is eager to help you find YOUR fit, YOUR healthy, and YOUR happy!

I've been working out with Jen for several years, and I'm so grateful for her unique approach to training. She truly meets me where I am. She works with me on my fitness goals, has helped me work through several minor injuries, and also makes really astute in-the-moment adjustments to help me get the most out of each exercise. Our workouts are always different and she always makes it fun as well as challenging. I trust her implicitly and referred my father and my husband to her, as well as several friends.

Jill Wener, MD

Jen has been my personal trainer for nearly 5 years and I can't stress enough the positive impact that she's had on my well-being. My initial relationship with Jen focused on a strength training program to address my chronic lower back pain. After decades of limited lower back mobility and regular flare ups, I had convinced myself that I would never be able to do squats or deadlifts. Jen challenged me to confront these self-limiting beliefs in an unassuming and motivating manner. After the first year, I went from once-a-week to twice-a-week sessions with Jen, focused on increasing my range of motion and core strength. I'm now able to squat 105 lbs and haven't had a lower back episode in more than two years. I attribute these gains to my work with Jen, who has been a tremendous resource on my fitness journey.

Jeff Leach

I started training with Jen over two years ago. I was 71. I had never been a gym guy (retired runner) so I was looking for a trainer who had the right approach for a guy my age. I found Jen! My plan was to train with her for a few months, develop a training regime and move on. I’m still with Jen. After a few months I realized how different every session was. Jen is a creative, super competent and exacting trainer. Whether it’s strength, flexibility, balance etc. Jen excels at making it interesting while challenging you at the same time. Training with her is the best present I’ve given myself in awhile.

Patrick King

I’ve worked out weekly with Jen since early 2017 and over the last 7 years she’s helped me grow so much! Jen has a deep technical understanding of the body and body mechanics. She designs unique workouts for me each week and always knows how to push me while still keeping me safe. She consistently challenges me and will always modify a workout on the fly as needed (she always seems to have a backup exercise ready, just in case)! Jen’s coaching style also really resonates with me - she is encouraging and supportive while challenging me to push to my personal edge/best. Jen has helped me become SO much more comfortable in my body, and I’m so very grateful for that!

-Lauren Roberts

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